Monday, May 25, 2009

Catching up...

Wow! What a crazy year it has been, and what a blog slacker I am. I keep putting off new posts thinking that there is too much to catch up on. I finally decided to repent, and just start from now! If I get really motivated, I may work my way through the last 6 months...later!
Norman is now officially on deployment. He is in Georgia until July...ish. Then will be going to Iraq. His deployment ceremony was great thanks in large part to some wonderful friends of ours who woke up at the crack of dawn...on a take the Max downtown with me. We met some interesting characters on the max, including a man who was pretty drunk. He coughed all over me and announced that he had the swine flu! Better cough than vomit I suppose! The train was mainly filled with other families going to the deployment ceremony. When we arrived, there was a long line of motorcycles lining the sidewalk and the entrance into the building. The bikers were all holding flags to honor the service members and their families. Yes, I was crying before even entering the building.

Norman was carrying one of the flags during the ceremony, and was pretty much front and center. This was nice as it made him really easy to see and I got some great pictures.

I had to add this gigantic YAWN picture! He made it through several hours of standing and did not pass out (several others did).
Norman would love to hear from anyone...his email is:

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